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FlowerPot API v9 and FlowerUnknown's PotterGrounds

Тема в разделе "Официальные новости Sponge", создана пользователем RuBukBot, 2 апр 2019.

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    FlowerPot API v9 and FlowerUnknown's PotterGrounds
    @gabizou wrote:

    Building on the features enabled by FlowerAPI 9, we will be introducing the revolutionary new gamemode FlowerUnknown’s Pottergrounds.

    FlowerAPI 9 is a culmination of what has been lacking in SpongeAPI for a while now, backwards compatibility. It’s goal is to be fully backwards compatible and forwards compatible with all SpongeAPI versions by having the added methods isFlowerPot(). Unfortunately, due to the monstrous amount of work that was required, we’ve decided to cease development on FlowerAPI versions 6, 7, and 8 because 9 ate 6 and 7. What does this mean for plugins? Well, it means that not only will anyone be able to throw any plugin at SpongeFlowered, but also, using FlowerAPI, plugin developers will be able to hook into our game mode FlowerUnknown’s Pottergrounds. Expect a new PR very soon to integrate FlowerAPI into SpongeAPI.

    Thanks to @Zidane’s render system rewrite we’ve been able to leverage RTX technology to deliver a consistent 35-50 FPS when playing with raytracing enabled on an RTX 2080ti (Unfortunately as the rewrite is still in its early stages raytracing must be used, failure to do so will result in air blocks being occupied by flowerpots.) We’ve also been hard at work on developing a VR port of the game that will be released as an exclusive on the Epic Games Store in the coming weeks.

    Leveraging our experience with distributed currencies, we will be using FlardCoin to power the game’s microtransactions. Of course the topic of microtransactions is always a fraught one, so we’ve listened to the community and can unequivocally promise that NONE of the microtransactions will be cosmetic in nature, if you can’t get an advantage in the game what’s the point of paying right?

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